Welcome to Deskpro Certification

You're now on your way to being a Deskpro qualified. We created the Certification Program to test your knowledge of Deskpro and understanding of the helpdesk's features.

What you can expect from Certification


We created the Deskpro Agent Certification exam to test your knowledge of using Deskpro as an Agent. The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that cover the Agent interface's features.

The exam will last 60 minutes, and you will be required to get 65% or above to pass to receive a Deskpro Agent Certificate that will be valid for two years. You can see an example of the digital certificate here.

We have created study materials to help you ace the exam, including a past paper, video tours, and our guides. You will receive these via email once you have purchased the course and allocated the test taker.

What you need

The exam is proctored so there are a few requirements to ensure taking the exam is as smooth as possible.

Here are some of the things you need to know before you sit the exam:

  • Bring Photo ID: Because we're using a proctoring system, you will need photo ID with you when taking the exam so we can verify that the correct agent is sitting the test.
  • Close your tabs: The exam software requires you to shut any open windows before taking the test, so make sure you have saved any important documents before starting.
  • Distraction-free room: The remote system will monitor you and flag any potential cheating so it's important to be in a distraction-free room where people aren't moving behind you.

What you get to prepare for the exam

Make the most of the Program by making use of your study materials to prepare for your Certification Exam.

Past Paper
A 75 question replica of the exam, which includes questions similar to those in the actual exam.
Tour Videos
Watch our in-depth video tours of Deskpro and get to know the interface
Read the Guides which contains all the information you need to know about Deskpro functionality.
Exclusive Q&A
Sign up for a pre-exam training and Q&A session with a Deskpro Certification Trainer.

Purchase Certification

Certification costs $199 per agent for Deskpro Team or Deskpro Professional. If you're on Deskpro Enterprise, Agent Certification is included.