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Deskpro's certification empowers your team by educating and testing their knowledge of the helpdesk to ensure they are more effective and efficient support workers.

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Confident Agents
Deskpro certification gives you and your agents the confidence that they understand your helpdesk software and a certificate to prove it.
Expert Team
Improve your efficiency and effectiveness with a team of certified agents and helpdesk leaders who are certified Deskpro Experts.
Learning Plan
Whether you have new hires, or current agents who need to refresh their knowledge, certification ensures your team is always validated.

Agent Certification

Become a Deskpro-certified helpdesk expert

Our certification program helps agents to be recognized for their proficiency in Deskpro. Through in-depth video training, guides and a proctored exam, you can trust that your agents understand how to use Deskpro efficiently.

1 Self-Service Learning

Candidates can utilize exclusive video content, as well as the full and comprehensive Agent guides on our support Help Center, to help revise for the exam.

2 Valuable Training Materials

Your Agents get a past paper to get an idea of the types of questions they will be facing, and to give them a trial run of the certification.

3 Master the Mock

We have a mock exam which lets Agents try the software out and get used to the test conditions before sitting the real exam.

4 Proctored Exam Conditions

Once an Agent feels prepared for the exam, they can take it online at a time that suits them.

We use a secure online proctoring service to ensure the correct agent is sitting the exam and to monitor them during to reducing cheating.

5 Trusted, Certified Agents

Every agent that successfully passes the exam, receives a certificate valid for 2 year.

You can be sure that a Deskpro Certified Agent understands the best way to use the software effectively and efficiently.

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Agent Certification costs $199 per agent for Deskpro Team or Deskpro Professional. If you're on Deskpro Enterprise, Agent Certification is free.

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